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May 24, 2024
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New safety rules from Buddha Air

KATHMANDU, NEPAL- Domestic airline company, Buddha Air, has prepared a safety directory for air travel.

Even the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) is preparing to operate domestic flights by implementing a few new safety measures after the lockdown is lifted. Amid this Buddha Air has prepared a separate safety directory and submitted it to CAAN for approval.

According to the directory, passengers will not be allowed to use the aircraft toilet as well as other things that are used by a majority of the passengers. The directory has further mentioned that passengers with breathing issues will not be allowed to travel. Similarly, travellers with symptoms of common cold, fever and running nose will not be allowed to travel with Buddha Air.

The airline has arranged a health test at its counter and if there is any passenger who shows symptoms of coronavirus then the company will send them back from the airport.

The catering services will also be suspended during travel. Citing that the infection may spread while serving food, Buddha Air has decided to halt the catering service too. Likewise, passengers will not be allowed to walk and move around once they board the aircraft until they get off from the aircraft.

The directory has also mentioned that less number of passengers will be allowed on the ramp bus to maintain social distance. Hand sanitisers will be provided while boarding the aircraft and also while alighting from the aircraft. Meanwhile, pets will also be prohibited on board the flight.

Likewise, the directory also includes several safety rules for the staffers.

The airline company said that the safety directory will be implemented until the World Health Organisation announces the end of the pandemic.

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