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July 24, 2024
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Is there still time to stave off outbreaks in Africa?

Is there still time to stave off outbreaks in Africa

It’s been just over two months since the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Africa.

South Africa currently has the most severe outbreak in the region, with more than 2,500 cases. Major outbreaks have also hit Egypt and Algeria.

Now, countries including Cameroon, Niger, the Ivory Coast and Guinea have all reported a sharp rise in cases over the last week, with hundreds of infections each.

If Covid-19 is able to take hold on the continent, the consequences could be far more devastating than what we have seen in Europe and the US.

The World Health Organization says there are only around five intensive care beds available for every one million people in most African countries. That is compared with around 4,000 beds for every million people in Europe.

But the UN agency says there is still time to prevent the massive outbreaks we have seen elsewhere unfolding in Africa too.

The continent has, after all, successfully fought off many deadly outbreaks in the past.

But this is a brand new virus, and Africa needs to be properly resourced in order to fight it.

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