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June 19, 2024
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Fighting at the front lines

Authorities continue to remain in the dark regarding the quantity of the PPEs

As the threat of the spread of the coronavirus looms before us, it is imperative that we do everything to empower and protect the ones who are on the front lines, risking their lives so that the people in this country can receive the treatment they deserve.

But unfortunately, when it comes to our doctors and nurses and hospital staff — the ones exposed to the virus as they work day in and day out — the government has taken little initiative to ensure that these people are given the equipment to protect themselves.

By now, we know the extent to which the coronavirus can bring entire nations to their knees, and yet, the issue of personal protective equipment, or PPE, is one that remains shrouded in ignorance and incompetence.

Worldwide, doctors are dying by the numbers, and we need to protect our ones.

As of this moment, authorities continue to remain in the dark regarding the quantity of the PPEs — this includes goggles, face-shields, masks, gloves, gowns, head covers, and shoe covers — required, and this confusion is leading to a consistent delay in acquiring the equipment, leaving our medical personnel vulnerable to the disease.

While some of the equipment has already been disbursed, it is nowhere near enough to ensure that doctors and nurses receive the sustained support and protection from the government at a time of crisis such as this — according to one expert, we will need around 5.1 million PPEs in the next three months.

There are some medical staff going beyond the call of duty to ensure that people get treatment, but they should not have to. How much longer can they go on like this?

We cannot take our doctors for granted, and the government would do well to prioritize the acquirement and disbursement of PPEs without letting them gather dust behind bureaucratic red tape. 

Uncountable lives are at stake. 

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